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05 April 2015


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I can describe myself as yard sales addict. So many great things come up when people are clearing their house, or just moving. It is hard to control myself when I am on certain yard sale.

Melissa's Antiques

Pretty great finds for only a few stops! Things are super slow to getting started around here too. Hoping for lots of sales this weekend, since it's supposed to be 60something and sunshine-y. Yesterday marked a year since the great suitcase haul... which means I need another great haul to make up for it. I can't keep living off the junk high of that day for too much longer. :)


Totally agreeing with you about the numbers being too "racecar". You'll find the perfect ones soon!

There have been TONS of sales around here which is kind of strange for this time of year. Normally, estate sale season doesn't start until mid April but we have had some crazy good weather so I guess that has motivated people.

Good luck with the market!


Eddie Mitchell

Hang in there! Yard sales are coming. It's still cool and wet here too. Cannot last forever. (I hope!) Great finds!

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