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29 April 2015


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Fonda Rush

I would have loved to have been there! So much to ooo and ahh over!

Melissa's Antiques

The one market I love to do every year is coming up the first weekend in June. I've been going back and forth on whether I'd like to participate or not. I haven't been buying a lot and mostly everything is going to my booth. I supposed I could just go to my booth and grab pieces that have been there for ages?

How well do you do on the clear jars with graphic lids? I had the chance to buy hundreds of them last October for cheap and ended up passing, thinking no one would want them. Now I'm seeing them everywhere and KICKING MYSELF!

I've always loved the doorknob wine bottle stoppers. I have so many old doorknobs that are just sitting in my booth. I can always replenish fairly cheaply by going to our local salvage store too.

Also - I'm in love with your lazy susans and other things holding crafting bits. What a great idea!


I follow a few people on IG who sell at Clover Market too. Looks like such a fun place to hunt for junk! But its so dang far away from me...


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