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10 January 2015


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Put some legs on that drawer thing and make a desk or coffee table. That is what I would do with it. Unless it is in worse shape than the picture shows it to be. Love all your finds. Wish Wisconsin winters were more conducive to treasure hunting.


I'm intrigued by all this social media selling as well. I have IG on my to do list -- already have an account and have for years, but I want to begin using it more! Thanks for the update -- looking forward to all you fun! LOVE the terrarium!

Maria (Magia Mia)

So impressed with how long you did the Etsy challenge, Gina!

I began 2015 by joining IG. So far I love it! I've only used it to show new finds and Etsy listings, but would like to know how people sell directly from it. Since I'm new there & only have a few followers, those hashtags are my new best friend. My pics get instant attention (in seconds sometimes).

Now I just need to not neglect my blog....;)

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces

Ooh...love the terrarium! I've been amazed by your dedication to listing, Gina!


I must admit that I don't have a clue how to shop on FB or IG. That's how out of the loop I am. I should try to figure it out as it sounds like fun! I follow people on both but just haven't gotten into the swing of it. Glad you will still post on the blog as I enjoy seeing found things.


I'm going to try selling on IG. I figure if it doesn't sell there, I'll just list it in my Etsy shop and I'll have already done all the work of taking measurements, figuring shipping, etc so it shouldn't be too hard. I don't have a ton of followers yet so I don't know how successful I'll be but I've got nothing to lose (no listing fees on IG!) so I might as well give it a shot!


My poor little blog has really taken a hit because of IG. Instagram is just so easy! I really need to focus on blogging at least once a week. It's not like I'm not finding things to show everybody (thank goodness!).

I still buy off of Etsy from time to time but I definitely buy more off of Instagram. I like the personal aspect of it.


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