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01 January 2015


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Fonda Rush

I follow you, but since you don't have a widget to add my name to a mailing list, I have to remember to come on over for a visit. It's a personal list that I don't get to often. I love seeing what thrifters/sellers are up to, though. Maybe you can consider the widget? Best wishes in the new year!


I'm definitely still reading! Love to see what you've found and fun to keep an eye out for those items you think will be valuable. Found a Shiny Brite "Silent Night" ornament once you had brought my attention to that specific design! Happy New Year!


I'm still reading your blog here and would love to read regular posts about your yard sale/flea finds! Please write on! Marie


Happy New Year!! I think it's amazing you did this for two years. Themes sound good to me. I check all the media...blogs, FB, and Instagram. Instagram not as much as it just gets overwhelming!!


I'm reading and check your blog regularly. I am also an etsy seller and your challenge has been an inspiration. I also love reading about your flea market and garage sale finds. Hope you keep the blog going - I know it is a lot of work but it is one of my favorites!

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