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01 June 2014


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Melissa's Antiques

It looks like quite the morning! I rarely find my cocktail shakers with lids - you lucky girl!


Amazing finds for yard sales! Around here the yard sales all seem to be baby clothes and strollers so I rarely even go.


The turquoise car is a delight!! Love the color and the style. The Popeye uke is a cutie. I think did quite well!!


Wow! Great finds! I love it all!


I think that any time that you can find vintage Halloween at a yard sale is a good time! It's super hard to find around here other than in the antique malls. Then they want your first born for it.

Have an awesome week!



Love the turquoise convertible. It reminds me of the little red fire chief's car my dad bought my son when he was little.

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