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17 May 2014


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 Janice @ Curtains in My Tree

The white and blue luggage is wonderful someone will buy that quick


Nice haul! I have that very same Argus camera that's in the ad - belonged to my parents. I was blinded by that flashbulb many times.

Pam @ House of Hawthornes

Not creepy at all! Adore those white and gray suitcases. I need to live in a town with better community yard sales!

Melissa's Antiques

Ooo great finds! Those white/blue suitcases look mint!


WOW....You cleaned up by the look of it Gina....Some AWESOME finds for sure....!!!!!


Great finds and a testament to your skill at "speed junking"!


I would so buy that train case and suitcase! Maddie thinks kneehuggers are creepy :-). But I'm with you on that doll head. So not creepy!

Good luck at the market!!


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