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19 March 2014


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Yup, Shara is right. Instagram is pretty great for quick and easy sharing. It's not nearly as painfully hipsterish as it used to be.
And I love all that millinery stuff. So fancy!


I'm in love with your green drawer thing!! Lucky you. I like how you use your scales for display. Not surprised both Pam and Laurie are after your millinery. I am way behind on social media....have not been on Twitter, Instagram, or even Pinterest. I spend enough time on the computer as it is!!


Love the scale at your work station - I added finding an old scale (or two or three) to my 'vintage decor wish list'. Hitting estate sale Saturday (I work M-F so miss the first days of these sales) and hoping for the best!


Love the scale with the flower frogs displayed on top. Definitely something I am going to try and copy!


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces

I always love seeing your finds, Gina...and I usually spot your new posts on FB or Bloglovin'.

laurie magpie ethel

Would have made my day to find that box of millinery. Are those PINK foil leaves? I see those Pam snagged, but the others?


I am jealous... I haven't found any millinery supplies in a long time!


Instagram is where it's at in vintage and quick posts for finds. I just recently got on the "bandwagon" and I LOVE IT.

The sprinkler head on that watering can looks enormous! It's great!

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