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07 March 2014


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Judy D.

Flea marketing is also my preferred form of exercise! It must be so interesting to read the entries in the ledgers.


Those look so fun! My grandpa kept a ledger/diary and he also put things in it like "butchered a cow" or "Erica came out to visit today". He also tracked each and every penny he spent. I used to think it was funny that he did that but now I would love to have just one of his journals. Thanks for the memory!



What a fun post! I always feel the need to pick up old diaries, too, but that one with the chocolate ads is fabulous! I guess it explains why I'm so darn smart-I've fed my brain a LOT of chocolate over the years!

Melissa's Antiques

I love old diaries like these! I have my great aunt's. She was born in 1915. Her entries are very similar to these.


HaHa! I wonder how many mothers ran out to buy the 10 cent size! Thanks for sharing the chuckle.


I think those little books are a treasure! How fun to read them and look at the ads.

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