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05 February 2014


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One of my favorite parts of selling is 'fostering' things until I can finally bear to part with them. LOVE the typewriter -- it's a keeper!


I can't believe you didn't buy that water buffalo! HA!

Love that typewriter and the technique you guys have for haggling prices. I think Brian and I may have to try that in the future although Maddie loves to barter and who can turn down a cute 11 year old girl?

Have a great day~



The minute I read "bagged one" I knew it was a typewriter. It's gorgeous. Love the red keys.

Maria (Magia Mia)

That Remington is a work of art! Gorgeous.

I just love that you and the mister go junking together. Gives me a warm fuzzy.....:)

Pamela S. Wade

Love the dishes and that typewriter! I'd love to find one this year too! ~~Pam

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