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27 February 2014


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Nice to see a fine collection of vintage photos displayed so well. I especially like some of the original frame designs and the wooden pew the cats are posing on.

Judy D.

What a great collection! You might need to designate another wall if this large-size collection continues to grow.


That is an awesome collection. I have 3 military yard longs that were gifted to me from a friend that knew I loved "old stuff" (that's how she worded it). My son nabbed them for his room.


It is really a great collection and unusual, too. Thank you for sharing!


What a fantastic collection! Which area will he cover after the hall is full? Looks like it's almost there.

Melissa's Antiques

Very cool collection!

Shawn mcelroy

These images appear to have been shot with the #10 Eastman Kodak Cirkut camera. There are very few of these left, and even fewer who know how to use them. I happen to own 5, and shoot them whenever possible. I am based in Atlanta and my email address is propanorama@gmail.com
If you are interested in "vintage photography" of modern day events, please send me a message.


i love all of those! i've been looking for the perfect on to bring home. i still kick myself for not buying one i saw at an estate sale last year. it was a boys camp for preteen boys in the 40's. they all were shirtless with little neckerchiefs and cadet hats and it was so awesome!


Wow! I love those! I have some class photos that have my grandparents as kids. I should frame them. Thanks for showing these!

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