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05 January 2014


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Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces

It was fun seeing how it turned out for you, Gina! It was a big commitment, but it sure paid off!


Oh, there is no WAY I am signing on to this but I so admire your dedication. (You still have patterns to list? There's a shock!) Congratulations on sticking to it and for all those sales!


I love the idea and it obviously paid off for you! If I hadn't just set a different blogging challenge, I'd join you. I do know that I've been listing a lot more lately and am seeing definite increases in views and sales. Good luck to you!


Wow, I am impressed!! And so happy that it was worth the effort. So nice of you to give those tips. I have decided that I am not selling on Etsy for now but will keep those tips in mind for the future. Since the Christmas shop did so well maybe you could consider a Vintage Holiday shop and it could go on all year for various holidays. Happy selling in 2014!!


I'm going to join you too! Got an unplanned day off of work today due to the cold weather, so I'm going to take a bunch of photos to get me started!


I did! I couldn't remember where I saw the it originally and I came across your blog tonight! I have decided to do 7 items every week in 2014 starting today. I hope to have the success you have seen too. Great idea.

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