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24 December 2013


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Curtains in My Tree

I love the elf going through the house on tour LOL


I like him way more than the one that everyone I know seems to be using. And the fact that he has a little mischievous little friend makes him even better. We haven't started that around my house yet. The Little Dude is a bit young for it yet. I'm pretty happy about that!


('TWEED' asked me to write...) He is VERY glad to discover his cousin Roberto's whereabouts after all of these years! Robbie ran away from home as a teen - ALWAYS a 'tree hugging, free-spirit ~ said he was going to go see the world and 'commune' with nature, 'didn't care where his path went, just wanted to find adventures' - so he packed Baby Blitz in the family pick-up, and off they went- nobody has heard anything of him since... THANK YOU for giving him a GOOD HOME!! Tweed.



You are cracking me up!! Merry Christmas to you and your family and Bob.


Amazing how a little "elf intervention" can change an outlook - lol! Merry Christmas to you!


Merry Christmas!

laurie magpie ethel

Bob the elf. I am not a big elf lover either..but there is something about that Bob...happy holidays!

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