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21 August 2013


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Pam @ House of Hawthornes

The poor globes! It's sort of sad to see them down on the ground. Hope some people rescued them. Love that fan photo!


The barn picture looks professional! Love it. Great finds, unusual yellow typewriter. Around the NW I see the blue ball jars from $3 to $18. It depends on where you are looking. They aren't as popular as they used to be around here.


Awesome post! I want it all! And that barn photo is amazing! karen...


The red barn photo is gorgeous. It takes a lot for a photo without junk in it to catch my eye:-)



So fun to see all the loot! There were dozens of canning jar manufacturers at one time and they used to be a pretty popular collectible, although now days it seems like people are mostly interested in the blue ones. Interestingly, they are pretty common and far from the most valuable. If you look closely, there are many variations in the embossing, trademarks and even the shape so I expect someone did the research to price one higher than the others.
I have a large collection that I haven't added to in years because I ran out of room.


Gina, that's all wonderful! I saw a tiny bit of it on FB, but was happy to get the 'full flavor' of Bouckville. This just makes me want to go next year.

I would have gone nuts at the religious booth -- always drawn to those like a moth to a flame (I have so many chalk figures and pictures to list on Etsy). I've never seen a St. Rita, though!

Think how much better Mr. Globe might have done if he'd actually staged his items -- being a picker is one thing, but having to pick merchandise out of the trash at a fair is another.


Great to see you again. Mark your calendar for 2014.

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