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22 July 2013


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Melissa K. in Nebraska

How absolutely fun. I love the doll house in the rafters. Great job!

diane c

Wow! What an awesome job. I am totally impressed with your Party Barn! Let the Shindigs begin!!! Where did you say you live again??? :o)


Couldn't have picked a cooler weekend to do such a huge project uh?! My in-laws were ready to get on a plane and head out here it was so hot. Thankfully the heat wave broke! : )
The amount of work that went into the party barn must have been monumental but worth it because it's so freakin cool! I love the little vintage touches.


So you are sending Mr. VJIMT my way when he is done with that project, right?

Seriously, I love the white paint. It totally lives up to it's Party Barn name!


Laura @ 52 FLEA

I love your husband! :)
Your new party room looks amazing! Have fun!


Such a great Party Barn!! That ceiling is wonderful and it looks like you have all kinds of party space. I am amazed he worked in that heat for so long, though! I would have been taken away on a stretcher!

Melissa's Antiques

LOVE IT! Especially that ceiling!


Love it! How creative. Have fun partying in your new and improved garage! :)

David Claghorn

Awesome! Total talent. Wanna come down to PARTTTEA.... DJ C is making you guys some high definition party dance mixes party barn style! Just for you coming soon!

Joyce Poggi Hager

Looks fantastic! Wished I lived nearby to witness and party. Enjoy!

Judy C

Amazing and beautiful. What a great guy. I was impressed with my DH this weekend as he painted a free garage sale night stand for me, but this is WAY impressive.

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