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17 June 2013


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I enjoy reading all of your blog posts and I aspire to have a life much like yours. I am nineteen and I am currently working as management at a movie theatre. I work six days a week and I don't enjoy it. The only thing I enjoy is buying and selling. My parents had a thrift store and it failed and I had an Etsy but I only lost money on it because of the shipping costs. I was wondering if you had any tips for me and how to improve my Etsy or other outlets to sell. I would GREATLY appreciate any help.
Thank you and Happy Picking,


Those faucet handles could be used for a really cool art or craft project. I always want to buy things like that but am afraid I'll just buy and not do, then end up with too much stuff.
Your new banner is great! (I feel like I might have said that already, but it jumped out at me today. Just wanted to say something in case I didn't.)
: )


That cocktail shaker would have made the 5 hours worth it! The colors are amazing and I haven't picked up a new one for my collection in quite a while. Hmmmmmm.....may have to visit your etsy shop.


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