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14 March 2013


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Ivy Smith

Wow! Our autioneer points out to us certain items that he thinks will sell well on ebay or etsy! He knows exactly what we plan to do with the items we buy! :) Congrats on your great buys!


Yes!!! In his face!! You know what you are doing and you do it well. So there!

(this is my new blog in addition to andysattic)

Maria (Magia Mia)

Good God! That gorgeous mirror was only $2 bucks? Even the $40 is a good price for it.

I haven't been to an auction just yet, but I have been wanting to go for the longest time. There's one close by, so I guess I just need to remember to go. (Not to mention have an allocated amount to spend.)

P.S. What made the stuffed animal special?


Hahaha! Damn right!


i love that little dog! i get laughs and 'really?" from people running estate sales ALL THE TIME. so rude.


Laughing all the way to the bank, that's you!


Aw that little guy has such an odd yet adoring face!

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