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15 February 2013


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Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces

I've never been to an auction before...and you are definitely making me want to go!! Awesome goodies...


That looks like a pretty cool auction. Ours are mostly just full of farm equipment and tools, never anything neat. So I jumped onto your project, kind of. I'm just starting my Etsy shop so I'm trying to beef up my listings everyday. It's kind of a pain, but it seems like a good habit to get into. Thanks for the inspiration!


This is when I really understand the "hate" part. Is there a special security place in your home that you keep some of the "things" that make their way into your trunk?
The bird cage is cool!

Mad Maine

Oooh, love the ombre bowl set. And that is a really neat bird cage you got, cool door! I spent Valentine's Day out getting stuff too, but at Goodwill. I really made out with some scores this time too :-)

Linda Emery

Those stuffed animals are really something... I suppose someone could think of SOMEthing to do with them... but it beats the heck out of me what that would be! Good luck!


You know, there's something oddly appealing about those old stuffed animals. Kind of charming. I've come home with much worse.

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