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03 January 2013


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i can totally relate with the stock piling higher and higher. this is my dream goal as it is suffocating me thinking about all the "stuff" i have. but with a wedding in june, another parade of homes and clients wanting some interior decorating, my shop has been on a back burner.
however, i am motivated to declutter and refocus on etsy. so consider me part of the support group! (i'd be happy to list one item/week) just wish it didn't take so long to list an item...know any shortcuts?


Oh how I understand your plight... I need to do some selling on Etsy and eBay too... good gravy.. it is time consuming, isn't it!

Wishing you much success in the selling department this year!

Happy New Year..



You ARE an inspiration (as always!!)
OUR GOAL too is more 'space '!!
We are gonna give it a try with ya 8-)!

Linda Emery

Gina, I'm thinking about doing an Etsy-a-day too... Just not starting TO-day... Good luck!


I sell little things, jewelry, trinkets, coins, buttons....you get the idea. My goal is 60 items a week for 2013. Not sure about the 300 items adding extra exposure, I have 300-400 in my store most of the time and it's the 'new' auction items I post every week that draw the most attention to those store listings. I wish you luck in the new year and LOVE watching your traveling adventures.


Adorable picture of Stella. Such a cutie!
After deciding to quit doing shows and then pulling out of the mall I was in, I jumped right in to Etsy. Big mistake for me. I am taking Jan. off to reorganize my home
(read that de clutter and organize) and then in Feb get into Etsy with a plan. One a day sounds great to me. The thing I like is being able to get multiple things "ready" to list and then just click a button on any day and publish them. Good luck with your plan!


I have found its BEST to list only one item @ a time...it gives the site time to share it,and also allows you a new top of the pile stat each time rather than listing 2-3 or more at one time...very good idea,my etsy shop and my realtime shop both were started with excess from my life in NYC i am surprised more people dont do it...


Gina, I do wish you luck. That one item a day thing sounds so sensible... so reasonable... then why am I such an 'all or nothing' gal? Maybe I'll try it for my long-neglected dream of an ebay biz.

It's a brand spankin' new year. Anything is possible!

Maria (Magia Mia)

You had me at Aqua.......and cats in the tree. I'm with Stella. Leave the tree alone. It's still Winter, Mom!

One item a day sounds very doable. Unfortunately, I can get very carried away in the research department, as I always want to sound knowledgeable, and not make an ignorant fool of myself when describing something. I NEVER have near that many items in my shop, which I'm sure is due to the aforementioned issue. Perhaps I should make that one of my resolutions this year.....More expeditious listing, and less wasted time on research.......and so it is.......


One a day is definitely doable... I do better if I can do, say, ten at a time. I was unaware of the Google stat...no matter, because I will never get there!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces

You have inspired me, Gina...working on my etsy shops is definitely a goal this year!

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