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07 December 2012


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I hope it really was a tooth issue. (Not that I'd want you to have any issue) I'm a dental Hygienist and i see lots of people with the pain you described that this time of year almost always turns out to be sinuses. Especially when you said upper AND lower pain. Please tell me you saw your abcess on an x-ray and you are pain free now! Poor thing! Hoping for the best for you and quick recovery! You are superwoman!


You really deserve an award for managing to pull off all of this in the face (seriously, NO PUN INTENDED) of adversity. You've recovered, I hope?


Goodness! I hope you are feeling better and able to get some rest!


Ouch! Take care-- who needs all of that this time of year? Neat photos!


Oh, boo! That is a bad week mixed with some good. Happy you survived and love your pictures! Do you make the wine stoppers??


What a week. So glad you're doing better. Great stuff, by the way.

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