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09 November 2012


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Great finds the baby's portait is a good find 67 years old, might be worth looking up the signature and having it valued, most definitely vintage.

Therese Mezak

Clothing definetly not 1845.
floraluv@aol.com,Saddlebrook NJ


That painting of the baby is INSANE. So Botero-esque. The proportions... the expression... the fact that it's painted on wood... quel magnifique!


I'm pretty sure that it's January 28, 1945 -- in Europe, the dates are always day, month, year.


The clothing in the painting looks more like 1945 to me. But you could ask at this group to make sure: https://www.facebook.com/groups/151073411672599/ . (Although the group is for photos, I think they would help you. Some of the members there really know historical fashions.


No idea, seriously. But that is a wonderful painting. (I think maybe the wood doesn't quite look old enough to be 1845 ... but the style of the painting doesn't seem very 1945.) Do report back when you know more!


That painting is beautiful. I wish that the signature were more legible.. I think it says Gerard? No clue on the date, however... my intuition says 1945 but I could be wrong


Those keys are gorgeous and certainly worth saving from the typewriter!

Peggy Jennings of Gramma's Linen Closet

I'd guess 1945, if for no other reason than the colors. Aqua and yellow were big during this time period, and they are not colors that one would associate with the 1840s, particularly the aqua. The clothing style is not out of the question for 1840s, but again, it sure looks more like 1940s to me. What do you figure the name is? Gerald? Gerard? Gecard? Don't you wish it were clearer what those last letters are? What a great find!


The infant's dress looks more 1945, but I don't know how they dressed babies in Paris in 1845! Cute!

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