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30 October 2012


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You made me laugh with your observation of, " Also, apparently I like to cook brown food." Apparently I like to eat brown food, because it all looked good to me!! :o)

Glad you made it thru Sandy alright.


So glad you didn't get hit by Sandy!! Maybe the key is being so prepared you could eat for a week :>) Looks like you are a good cook and I'm sure nothing will go to waste.


And now you can take the rest of the week off! (There is a recipe for chocolate chip pretzel bars somewhere, no?)


So glad that hurricane Sandy left you safe and sound. Here, north in Ottawa, Ontario we have seen very little of the storm.

Those photos make me hungry. Any chance you would post some recipes?

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces

Looks like you made good use of the time, had some fun...and ate well! Glad you are safe!

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