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28 September 2012


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Carol Casey

You found some wonderful treasures. And oh how I wish that rummage sale would start in the evening here do that people like me who still have to work a yucky day job could shop at opening time. I so enjoyed my visit today. Thanks for sharing.



Sorry about the sticker on the 100 year old book...makes yah crazy, doesn't it? Anyone have any suggestions how to get them off without damaging the cover?


That chair upholstery just smacks of the 1930s...

chris mckinely

All your finds are terrific!! Love the scale!!!


Carla Grace

Amazing finds!!! What a fabulous picking day you had!!


LOTS of great finds!!! You did well!!


So glad you didn't miss out on that scale! It's so neat! And Michael Landon is from your town? That's pretty cool! My towns little claim to fame is Elivra grew up here. My brother actually lived in her grandparents house for a long time. Sorry for the tangent... back to topic...Great haul!!!

Las Vegas Estate Sale

I am an estate sale owner. I must say you came across some great finds. I especially like the yearbooks. I believe there is a website that you can help people find pictures of yearbooks that may have been lost or misplaced over the years. In fact, they may even pay you for the books or uploads...Great finds!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Piecesd

Yes, you had a great day! And the scale is wonderful!


Excellent finds, and I just want it on the record somewhere that other than your friendly manner, you do not at all resemble a Corgi.

Mitzi Curi

I think you had a great day! Isn't fun when you find such unexpected treasures?

Linda Emery

Love the belt buckle with the stars AND the green chair!


Loving the chair and scale! Wish we had such great sales where I'm at...

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