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10 September 2012


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You'd better keep Miss VJIMT away from some of those treasures ... you're not going to have anything left to sell!


OMG... those Saints!! LOVE!

chris mckinely

Oh my what great finds!! I found a chalkware nun a couple of months ago....looks like my fourth grade teacher!!


Into Vintage

This is very weird. I just sold that exact same blue typewriter (mine was not as clean & fresh as yours) AND I just put the other one you have pictured in my mall space. Exact same ones!

It is possible to get too close to your subject when using macro. Sometimes I use the zoom button to zoom all the in and then back out and that seems to make the macro thing work. Good thing I don't write camera manuals...


It's so great that she will know what a type writer is and be able to say she used one. That will be rare in kids her age.


Sometimes if a background is too "busy" with patterns a macro setting can find it too hard to focus, also I've found if the piece i'm trying to focus on has to much light on it, my camera has a hard trying to focus. Sometimes it works just as well pulling away from the item a little until it focuses and if you need to just crop down in photo editing later.

You picked up some great pieces - loving that typewriter!


For macro, you need to get reaaaaallly close to your subject before you use the zoom function on the camera. Otherwise, just use the portrait setting and zoom in to make sure the focus is on your subject, rather than the background. I gravitate towards portrait setting for pretty much any single-subject photo for web use. The focus and color are more true to life, and easier to manipulate if you need to.

I only use macro in an outdoor setting, for fine details, or for extreme close-ups of things like my kids holding hands, or the glitter they just scrubbed into the carpet.

Great finds BTW!


I know who I'm taking to the next Bruce concert!

Linda Emery

Does the cat sit up on the typewriter keyboard like they like to sit on computer keyboards when you're working?

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