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17 July 2012


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I don't know any of these blogs but i'll be sure to check them out. I know I should sell stuff that makes money (as opposed to the stuff I like to sell) but it is hard to get interested in some of it!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I'm always so intent on finding things that I want, that I think I miss alot of good stuff that would sell really well on Ebay. I definitely need to rethink that strategy! Congrats on selling that whirligig. That was a nice profit margin!

Gina Krueger

Amen to that. I bought an American Fostoria cake stand at a garage sale up in Northern IA near my hubby's home town for a dollar!! They go for 100 or slightly over @ antique shows. (I saw 3 at the huge Walnut IA show in SW Iowa). BUT I was darn glad to get $61 last week on Ebay for it. No cleaning or messing with it at all. I'm way good with that!! May the rest of your Summer be Fruitful Pickin's!!!

Gina from Etsy InspiredSalvage


My daughter found some Legos at GW, bought them for $130 and sold them for over $1000 on ebay. Amazing what technology does for you as she was able to check value while standing in GW. Ya never know...it's the thrill of the hunt! :)

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