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19 July 2012


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I have one of a different color my mom had in the late 60's I think. I would give it to you for nothing but she is rather ill and I loved Barbie too growing up. It just sits behind my bed though! Mine is blue with mod clothes on the front. If I ever plan to get rid of it I will let you know.

I had found a doll in it and a bunch of clothes years ago but God knows what my younger self did with them.

Into Vintage

Couldn't pay the $14.99? Me either. I prefer things to be $ .99 -- then I can have 15 things (in theory). Half price is always better!

chris mckinley

Can't wait to hear if they were still there. I sure do understand choosing to pass up something because of the price. My Barbie case was just like the one in your picture, but black and red! I still love black and red :)


Linda Emery

YIKES! I might have had to buy them all... I really try not to speculate, but sometimes the pull is too stong...! Whateer happens tomorrow, good luck & lotsa luck!

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