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09 May 2012


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Do you still have the firkins? If so, what are the prices?


Those are firkin beautiful! :)


Back again.

Just a thought -- I think the calendar is a horizontal format. Before the blue firkin sells be sure to take a horizontal shot.


I loved them as a stacked set -- the colors were perfect together. I think your shot of the single will make a great photo in the Vintage Rescue Squad again the colors and texture are gorgeous.

Maria (Magia Mia)

I'm sure you're a firkin aficionado, and are already well aware of how valuable these babies are......especially with that divine original paint....Gorgeous!


These are adorable. Especially like the proportions of the green one. I have a gray one from the farm where my aunt grew up - sometimes I look at it and wonder if I should sell it, but geez, it's from my aunt's farm....

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