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21 May 2012


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Deborah Berthiaume

What an interesting dollhouse, and all that paper ephemera. I would have had been thrilled to see it all. What a lovely day you had. Now you have two dollhouses? They say "Three of anything is a collection!"


I had an all-vintage sale a few years ago and no one "got" it. I think I might try again....

chris mckinley

WOW!!!! What a great day shopping!! Love the paper dolls!


Curtains in my Tree

what a nice haul you got there. I am going to have a yard sale all vintage but it's little things
I like the doll house and the owl purse

makes me want my paper dolls back of course I alreday sold them
I like seeing what all you got


What a nice bunch of finds! Are you sure the paper dolls are 50's, though? It's hard to tell from here, but those styles look older to me - more like 30's. Especially the gowns - I can see Ginger Rogers in something like that. And the hairstyles, body types, and undergarments of the dolls look 30's, too. I don't think anyone was still wearing teddies in the 50's. Really nice!!!


Sounds like you met a soulmate at the sale! I have such mixed feelings about owls ... much like you, it sounds. Very, very fond of the real ones, though.


Well didn't you have such a lucky day! :) The paper dolls are my absolute favorite, followed by that precious aqua table. I remember the owl purses when they came out all those years ago. Should sell great for you on Etsy!

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