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31 May 2012


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Great chair! Should be fun to undertake. Can't wait to see the finished beauty. Love little miss VJMT sharing her seat with the chair.

Sheryl Remy

It's a great find and beautiful to boot.


Great chair. Wish I did know something about upholstering...I have many things that could use a good redo! I'm sure you will figure it out.

Joyce Hager

Gina, this is a gorgeous chair! I can't believe you only paid $2. Absolutely, get a pretty fabric and use it. I recently had my grandmother's Queen Anne chair reupholstered (never would I try to do it myself). We figure it dated back to the 1940s, possibly earlier. All the old cushions plus horsehair and hog's hair underneath was replaced with new cushioning. What a site. Now's it a beauty.


I re-did a Parson's style chair for my sewing table. Super easy to do, and you can buy cheater nail-head trim from Joann to hide your seams....great find! Good luck!!!!!

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