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11 April 2012


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Oh, I heart pinterest. It IS a giant time suck if you let it! I really started getting more into it after I found some like people to follow. Then that just exponentially increases daily because they have people that you don't follow that you can follow and on and on and on. So soon your dashboard is FULL of amazing things to re-pin. But I did start out just pinning from the net, "original pins" (tehe, Catholic humor).

I'm not afraid of the terms of service, most sites have the same terms of service. They did change the wording recently due to the backlash though, and yes, they are more realistic now.

You are not allowed in the TOS to use Pinterest as an advertising medium for your own business though. That's an explicit no-no, so I wouldn't try going there.

Laura @ 52 FLEA

I want your candy!
Those coconut eggs sound pretty good!
P.S. I feel the same way about Pinterest...

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