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21 March 2012


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It looks like a pajama or dirty clothes holder that you hang on a hanger. I have one that it shaped like a doll that was my grandma's from way back when. I love your finds. So jealous of good digging sales that others seem to find.

Lynn at Cottage and Creek

I just found your blog and loved my visit. You have a fun way with words and it all makes for a fun time. I know what you mean about Ebay. I used to list there but like Etsy much better. But like you, I sold some auction-worth things on Ebay before Christmas. I failed to put a reserve on some prized Fiestaware and got burned. So be careful. Add a reserve if you know your things are highly collectable. Off to check out your Etsy shop.
Lynn at Cottage and Creek


HAHA! Bacon themed nightmares. love it. :)

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces

I'm thinking it goes onto a hanger and is a clothespin bag...fun finds!


I don't think I've ever been called an expert before. Weeping.

Maria (Magia Mia)

If those are openings on each side, Humpty looks like a holder for clothespins, and the hole on top is for the hanger to slip through. (?)


Well...if there are holes on the sides, maybe a hanger fits in and you hang it up to keep dirty cloths or diaper pins or something?? I really have no idea...just trying to guess. Good luck!


I already have bacon themed nightmares, must of started when I was a babe in the crib with a rattle like that!

I think the "thing" is.... Humpty Dumpty. Other than that, he'd give me nightmares too, but at least then I'd be dreaming of bacon and eggs.


Sheryl Remy

Maybe it was used a a burp cloth.

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