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11 February 2012


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Well your auctioneer can just stick that in his fiddle now can't he!



I buy those broken violins whenever I find them. And they sell immediately in my booth.


I totally agree with you on the auction thing. I hadn't gone for years and have recently hit the auction trail the last few weeks looking for vintage buttons and have come home with other random stuff. See my posts on my blog cathywhatisoldisnew.blogspot.com
Our hats are so similar!


The auctioneer knows me as the "she'll buy anything for a dollar" gal. I have bought more boxes of JUNK for a buck. But, I always find one or two gems in there. I think auctions are fun, but I never get my heart set on anything because there are people there with deeper pockets than mine. That violin would look good in a vignette or on the wall - who cares if it's not functional.

Maria (Magia Mia)

Ha Ha! Big Bang reference? Girl after my own heart....:) I personally think the violin is gorgeous. The flaws give it history and character. And if you look past that, the artistic lines are just as beautiful as an old furniture piece would be, dontcha think?


I love it when people think they know more than you, and then you are right. They don't think about the use beyond what it was "meant" for. I went to an estate sale and the same people tend to run a lot of the ones around here. I found a lovely little hand towel with a 1960's kitchen print on it. I took it down along w/ a few other things and the woman running the sale said "Oh, if I had known someone would want to buy that I wouldn't have used the other one for a rag!" Really! I got it for .25 and sold it for $5.00. Keep going with your gut, it is obviously usually right!


Bazinga, indeed! One of the things I enjoy about blogging is that there are other people who look at items with a creative eye. I probably would have bought the violin, love the magazines...the hats, not so much. Now, the box the hats came in; that's more my style. So glad you showed that auctioneer!

Blessy @ Stellar Tatter

Paper ephemera! I love!! Great buy actually. I would totally have gotten all of those too!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces

I love the violin! Looks like things people would buy to me! Love the flowered hat especially!

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