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23 February 2012


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hey gina,
so sorry to hear about your eyes! hope you're better now, being that its been a few weeks since you posted.
i've been out of the loop being busy behind the blog scene. and i also realized that blogger took you off my list...so i'm re-following. geez, that blogger gets my goat sometimes. lol


oh no... feel better soon! :-) Emily


Poor bunny! I hope you feel better soon.


poor thing. It seems so easy to scratch your eye with contacts. Hope you get better soon.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces

Hope you feel better soon, Gina...I've been in your shoes and it is NOT FUN... A BIG XO


Oh my. Get better fast and my deepest sympathy. Anything wrong with the eyes just gives me the heebee jeebees. Shush, spell check, heebee jeebees is spelled just right.

Vintage Coconut

Well this will sound mighty stupid... but my dog got the same thing a couple years ago. No clue how... probably scratched his eye on something outside. Regardless I realized something was wrong when he blinking alot, wiping his eye with his paw & kept tearing up.

So I sort of know how you feel okay .... WELL he knows. And he told you to just get better and we will all be here waiting.


ouchy! feel better soon

Susan Freeman

Ouch! Don't worry about blogging, your vision is far more important. I understand that this type of injury heals up fairly quickly so you will be back at the keyboard before long. Sending healing prayers your way.

Susan and Bentley


Sorry for your pain. Hope you are better soon.

Tamara @ A Treasured Past

Ouch! Hope your eyes recover soon. Take care and have lots of rest, Tam x


Ouch. I said it outloud just in case you still can't see so great to read it.



That sounds very unpleasant.


That sounds aweful and painful. Hope you are better very soon!

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