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23 January 2012


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i have alll those time life books because i am a geek


I have done some crazy things like that myself and then wonder what was I thinking!!Glad to see you were able to turn it into something profitable! Be careful out there-

hong kong property

that is really awesome! glad you took the risk. haha

Diane @ okcamp

That feeling you had was your intuition kicking in.....

Whenever I go out to look at a potential estate, I always give my husband the address and meeting time.

Think about it....a stranger calls on the phone and you go meet him/her at a private location.

Glad it all worked out. It doesn't hurt to be cautious, IMO.

Mitzi Curi

Those were some fortunate finds! Glad to see you can still get some decent prices on eBay.


yikes! I don't think I have ever seen an Estate sale where no-one showed up. Thank goodness you got something out of that day

Linda Emery

haha! Those are creepy... BUT congrats on a very good flip! Thanks for the two blogs you listed. I'll bookmark them and visit often! Good luck & stay warm! Linda


Great finds and I am so glad they sold for decent money.
Thank goodness for the invention of electronic "safety" devices, to keep people guessing as to how long it will be before we are missed.


Sweet! Glad something good came from your trip down Terror Lane! When I come across creepy sales like that, I usually call my daughter and make her talk to me while I make my way through the house... I realize she can't save me... but at least it makes me feel better! :)

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