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25 January 2012


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Mary Eplett

My problem with going to these type sales is I never want to get rid of the stuff in the end and now running out of space. Time for a yard sale lol.


Agree on the Annalee. I could not have any of those in the house.

One Gal's Trash

I've sold on eBay on and off (mostly off) for years. I much prefer the look and chick vibe on Etsy, but the sheer volume of stuff means items get buried, and fast. On eBay, I like knowing at the end of a week...either it sold or it didn't. Thanks for the tip on the iPhone app!

Melissa's Antiques

I love paying next to nothing for an item and selling it for big time bucks on eBay.

Congrats on the sell! :)


I too have moved away from Ebay and only get back in when I am not sure of price and want the market to determine value. Otherwise I stick with my favorite...Etsy. The buyers are kinder and I love the community atmosphere.

Peace Schuyler

I've been considering starting a small ebay shop, not to get rich but to cover what I buy for MYSELF while thrifting, LOL. But I'm really terrified of getting a customer who's unsatisfied because they're nuts. I know a seller of postcards exclusively who sold a PC of sausages for 15 cents and received a bad feedback rating because the buyer complained "It's not meat, it's a post card"... that's the kind of oddball I attract. I know, paranoia will get me nowhere. :O)


Ha! Annalee also creeps me out!

Good scores on eBay. I used to be a huge fan of eBay, (I have over 8600 feedbacks and have sold items from $3.00 - $18,000.00), but have nearly abandoned it. It's just no fun anymore. I only list things now if it seems like they have a chance to take off.


Linda Emery

Annalee gives me the total creeps too. Good on you that you got it sold. Thank you very much for the info about the eBay IPhone app. I just got an android, and am mostly clueless about it. I was very excited to figure out the Weather Channel app though and now I can add eBay! Hooray!


Nice profit margin!

Into Vintage

I keep telling myself to get back on ebay for the same reasons you mentioned here - I have a pile of things I think would get a better price in a bidding scenario...and yet...I do nothing.

My biggest hurdle is re-learning ebay since I'm sure nothing is the way it was back when I was selling on it. Your books give me motivation. :-)

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