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17 January 2012


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Columbus, OH? If so, mind sharing the location?

Sue H.

B. Knight is exactly correct.


Great finds! Yes, even the creepy doll head. :)


Those crocheted things are actually vintage shade pulls - they are crocheted around a plastic ring, crocheted cord added, then attached by pushing or screwing in a fancy looking push pin sort of thingy into the bottom of a window shade where the wooden slat goes through to weigh the shade down. My mom had these on every shade, as did all of my aunts, both grandmothers, and everyone else I knew from childhood. My great grandmother spent lots of time crocheting with cotton thread - everything from shade pulls to fancy edges on ladies hankies to doilies and tablecloths. Everyone had these on their shades back in the day. Does anyone even have plain white window shades anymore? Haven't seen any of those in a while.

KJ in Thunderbolt

Oh my gosh! Great finds... I need to come shop with you :)

Happy January from Coastal Georgia!

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