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07 October 2011


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Late Night Coffee

WOW!!!! My eyes just bugged out like a cartoon from your finds! Unreal!!!!


OH MY MY...you had me at the first photo...best kind of find!!


Just about had a heart attack when I opened your blog and saw that first picture :->

laurie magpie ethel



Omigosh what a wonderful treasure trove of shiny brite goodness!!! How fabulous. I often see lovely vintage baubles like these on ebay but they all tend to be in the States and nobody will mail them to Australia *boo hoo sob sob. They are going to look wonderful on your kitschy aluminium Christmas tree. (You know we are all going to want to see photos lol) Hope the rest of your week is just as fabulous!


Dang girl - the Shiny Brite Gods were definitely looking out for you this morning! You got some good ones!! Congrats! :-)


I can tell you're excited!! Nice and shiny and bright!!!

Vintage Coconut

OH! They are lovely. My favorite has to be the red & gold sputnik one bottom picture.

You better be careful posting all these Great Christmas things. You might end up with a house full of bloggy strangers on Christmas Eve. hahaha

Cindy-The Vintage Hat Shop

Wow, they look like treasures to me! The thrifting gods were watching over you on this day!


Did someone say wow? If not: Wow!

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