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06 October 2011


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Sandi ~ A Cottage Muse

What a find...excellent!



One Gal's Trash

Must. Keep. Garish. Light.


I remember our aluminum tree as a kid -and playing swords with the paper sleeves the branches were stored in. And the gorgeous revolution of color the color wheel gave it. I also remember the year we sold the tree and wheel at a yard sale. KEEP THE MEMORY!!!


I have fond memories of assembling an aluminum tree with my grandparents - in their pink trailer! (Circa 1963) They later moved into a regular house and got real trees, but I still have the memories! Kitchy is so right!


I see a Disco themed Christmas party at some point in your future! So awesome! Now I could kick myself for not buying the one I saw last week at a thrift store!

Junque Magnet

Keep it and use it for one year then reap the dollar rewards next year! The price will go even higher as Christmas gets closer and people start decorating.

Vintage Coconut

I would NEVER get rid of that as they are getting harder and harder to find.
Ahhhh Christmas will be much more exciting for you this year. =)


It just keeps getting better and better! You can't have the silver tree without the revolving light. Not that you have to have it on all the time, but you've got to show off when company comes!


Keep it! Even if you keep it and use it this year you can always sell it after Christmas or next Christmas or the one after that! You may never find another one...

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Like Barbie and no Ken. Brad and no Angelina. Oh, that's right, I'm supposed to be talking you into not keeping the spinning lights! I say keep it, at least for this Christmas, and then decide!


What a score! That will be so fun!


That tree WILL look great with that light! Of course you have to keep it... now get hunting for those shiny brites! Although, why do I have a feeling you have quite a stash already lol!


I have to agree with you... I mean it'd be nice to make a fast $100 on it... but would your silver tree be as cool without it?? :-)

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