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26 September 2011


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** sigh **
My husband says it's junk for a reason.
I could NEVER convince him to go junking FOR me, let alone WITH me lol

I continue to read and drool at the same time. Your blog is a treasure :)

Sandi ~ A Cottage Muse

I want to go shopping with you two!
Love that old sign!


Good Stuff! Love the group photo!


Oh, I'm so glad I'm not the only SisterHater ;-) Daisy Dukes, cowboy boots, perfect hair? yeah right. Seemed like those people had been sought out as well, not that they just "dropped in". We aren't all that dumb. Rant, over. I agree that the red pieces are a mold, see how those bumps on the corners fit into each other? Great finds, her's to the for real junkers!


What? You don't wear itty bitty little shorts and a bandana on your head when you go out junking? Loved the photos AND the commentary. Even if owls are a huge seller on Etsy, I simply can't stand the thought of having them in my house while they wait for a buyer. (This could change if I get really desperate, trust me.)

One Gal's Trash

My husband is game to make me a dirty martini and survey my finds after a day of junking. But shopping FOR you? That is above and beyond the call of duty. I'd hold on to that guy if I were you!

Marti Palmieri

I love your site--so much more "real" than the annoying P.S. show--in my opinion they do not have the true junker mentality--and must have unlimited money to burn...as well as tons of short-shorts and boots, LOL.Like we all have a huge truck, an expensive shop in L.A., and on and on...!Anywho, loove the stuff you got, I'm a South Jersey gal myself and love to see what you get each weekend. Keeps me gettin' up each Saturday rarin' to go yard-saleing! Keep up the good work!

Mitzi Curi

Great stuff! Your photos are really wonderful too.

Nancy Glasgow-Narma

The red architectural pieces are the top and bottom of a slip mold for perhaps a sphere-shaped ceramic christmas ornament and the big,yellow metal thingy has lived a former life as one of many blades from a 1950's era push type lawn aerator.
check out this link:
I agree about the Picker Sisters..a bit much to say the least..and the guy who gets pulled into making silk purses out of sow's ears!! I mean really!!

Helen and Her Daughters

Great Finds and I totally agree with you on the Picker Sisters, I only watched it once and was quite annoyed with the banter. I think I'll stick with Frank and Mike.


LOL! I just *heard* about Picker Sisters today, and the description was pretty much what yours was...but you can't deny your husband has the eye! Great finds.

Anne at Kitschy Vintage

What a guy! That is some great stuff...


These are all great finds, but I think your best is find to date is Mr. VJIMT. :) Congrats on all your keepers!


I just want to tag along on one of your adventures and watch you both in action. I can document to whole excursion on film for you. :0) I'm amazed at what you both can see where no one else can see anything. I'm in awe.

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