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27 August 2011


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I just stumbled upon your blog and breezing through I saw the words Madison-Broukville, and knew that meant only one thing- you were at the craziness! How DID you keep your sanity? I never knew the event existed until I went through it on 12, on the way to Blue Mtn. Lake. Looks like your scores are fabulous! Great blog, btw!


Is now a good time to tell you my husband comes from a long line of Tonka Truck employees? Back when the whole thing was in Minnesota. Back when it wasn't really cool to collect the stuff. Back when I gave away all the old stuff that his family pawned off on us. Bad me.


G Coulson

The scale that says International Business Machines is the company that becomes IBM, good old find!

Design Dork

Love the shoe clips!

Sandi ~ A Cottage Muse

Wow he has a great eye! (Of course he does he found you!) Jim and I started dating when we were 15...flea marketing was our favorite thing to do! We made out ok from the hurricane...how about you?

Jan - Gracie's Cottage

Oh wow....you two find the best heart-grabbers!

Hope Irene wanders off and becomes a shadow of herself before she can do more damage. Thinking of everyone "out East" tonight.



I love that your husband shares your obsession! The scales, the finials, the toolbox, the signs...they are all great!

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