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21 August 2011


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Fun, fun, fun...even the disturbing dog LOL!


gina, despite using your iphone, i also think your pics are great! at least you and laura @ 52flea took pictures! i think the heat got to me and i was focused on finding the things on my list.
love the glove molds (and your post title) and i'd have to say, um yes, the dog IS rather disturbing.

Cindy-The Vintage Hat Shop

Wow, looks like a great time! I bet your vehicle was full up on the way home.

Laura @ 52 FLEA

Your pics are great Gina! I was using my little Canon point and shoot as I didn't want to lug my big girl camera around! I can't imagine how great it must be to be able to spend the entire week here! One day was exhausting for me (considering my 2 hour drive each way)...lol.
Did you get to see where Paul had his great stuff set up? Cuz...I only saw him driving around in his truck on Wednesday! :)

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