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01 August 2011


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All's well that end's well!!! Love the reindeer and Santa ornaments - so cute!!


OH I love all those goodies... you always find such fun stuff!

Jan - Gracie's Cottage

Oh Gina - been there! (In the poop, that is!) I really hate it, but if there's potentially something I want I will keep going! If people that don't sell this stuff had any idea what we go thru to get it for them, they wouldn't quibble about prices!!



How fun! I love all that vintage stuff. Sometimes I wonder if I was suppose to live in the 50's and 60's!! ;)



P.S. Just remember to unload the boxes outside the house!!


My philosophy is..."it washes off"!! I think goodies like that are worth the mouse poop, roach egg cases, or mystery gunk...it just comes with the territory. We junkers are a tough bunch!

Junque Magnet

I was once digging through a box of stuff and not only did I find mouse poop.There was an ACTUAL MOUSE which ran out.And yes, I did drop the item, scream and run away.Total girl move there!


Love those Santas - I've never seen them before! Have seen plenty of mouse poop, however, and I'm completely of the belief that I am steadily losing my ability to deal with ick.

Shabby Vintage Junk

Heya Gina....!

I hope you've spent the day in air conditioned comfort Lovey....!!

LOVE your Christmas finds though I'm sorry to read you had to wade through mouse poop to find them....yeckkkkkk....!!!

I'm coming over in September....Maybe I can sneak Hartley in on my carry on....hahahahaha....I KNOW you'd ADORE him Gina....!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

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