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19 July 2011


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Sandi ~ A Cottage Muse

Loving the keys on this old beauty...so happy it is yours now!
I also loved the Chop Shop sign as well!!


Awesome typewriter...such great keys!


You lucky girl! It was meant to be!! Love it, have fun displaying it :)


Laura Walker/ImSoVintage

Love this. I remember the night I won an antique typewriter at auction and was so excited until I realized I couldn't lift it. Fortunately one of the nice auction workers carried it to my van. As I don't have a Mr. ISV, it sat there for 4 months until I could get someone to take it out for me. 8-)

Karen G @ It's Still Life

I can see why you needed to have this. Love that typewriter

My Blessed Serendipity Life

I own this typewriter and it is my favorite of all my typewriters. It is the cutest little typewriter. I will email you some photos on folding.



That is SO cute! Hope you figure out how to fold it ;-)


How are you displaying these and where?


Just give it to me and I'll figure it out—or STEAL IT. You dirty rat! Can't fathom why, but I'm not finding ANY typewriters lately, and it's making me twitchery.


Oh wow its so cute I would have wanted it too well done you xx


That is a great find! I just love typewriters!


I can't read the guidlines, but there must be a release button or lever and then you'd probably lift the roller up and forward over the keys. Good luck! BTW the typewriter is really neat!!!!


It is so adorable!! I love it! Such a fun find! I hope to find one someday that fits into my budget. :)

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