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05 June 2011


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Madison Rose Vintage

My heart skipped a beat when I saw all the wonderful vintage items you were selling! Boy do I wish I would have found your sale. :)


Excuse me while I wipe off my keyboard. I think I drooled a little! What an amazing assortment of items you had! I would have LOVED to have come to your sale!
Just wanted to say THANKS for your kind comment on my 'chocolate' coffee table!


Looks like a great sale ... I think you should get goats AND cats.


I am doing the same thign this weekend. It makes me feel good to purge the old stock a bit! And my garage has the same delusiion, though mine thinks it's a wharehouse somedays, a big lofty warehouse, not a garage .

Glad you had success ! and lot's of traffic hope mine does as well.


How about you fly over my way with all your barn stuff? LOL wish I had been there too.


You've got some awesome pieces there. I would've bought them in a heartbeat!

Cindy-The Vintage Hat Shop

Wow, I love your treasures. That guy bust in picture no. 5 is just what I need for my hat photo shoots. Sure wish you lived by me!

Sandi ~ A Cottage Muse

Wow...you had some great stuff!
I would think you have plenty of room for more treasures!

Jan - Gracie's Cottage

Oh Gina...that looks like a very FUN sale - wish I'd been there! :)



Man, I wish our neighbors would have garage sales like this one. For three days we watched signs go up advertising an "antiques and large furniture" sale. Lots of signs! When we made it to the sale, there was one crapped out, ugly JC Penney style 70s dresser, one lumpy, ugly 80s couch, a large ugly mirror (70s) plus some racks of ugly clothes and shoes. And a few overpriced 90s ugly Christmas tchotchkes. They should have advertised an ugly sale! (Luckily, around the corner was another sale where we picked up some feedsacks and 40s jigsaw puzzles.)

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