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22 April 2011


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Gina @ VintageJunkinMyTrunk

Pmdincecco, I do a follow-up post here which include some links to answer your questions. Thanks for stopping by!



Love this and really want to do this for our kitchen table redo except the corners on our table are rounded...any tips? Where did you order the zinc from?


How did you finish the edges so that they are not sharp? I noticed that they do not bend around the side of the tabletop. Thanks

XL @ 6 Bittersweets

Hi there Gina! Thanks for the inspiration -- your table looks awesome! I've just bought some zinc sheet metal to try this myself. The only problem is I don't know much at all about copper solution. Could you please send me some additional details about where to obtain and how to (safely!) use the copper solution on the zinc in order to get this effect. Thanks so much!


glass dining table

Really nice job you have done

Pam Gray

This is a GREAT idea!


I big-fat-love it. There is a cool metal-topped table in the Ballard catalog that I drool over. I think my dh would flip!


I agree with Cassie, your kids don't know what they're talking about ;) haha. Well done!!


cassie at primitive & proper

your kids don't know what they are talking about! it looks awesome!


Hey, PS, I have a fun link up party that starts every Friday and runs through the weekend. I would LOVE it if you would start popping by, it is really fun to showcase what other talented bloggers are doing.



I saw this before, and Wow, I am loving see it again. There were two fab tables listed that I have seen round the blogosphere. Great work!

My Beautiful Life

What a neat idea. And wow-$6,000? Yes, tell hubby to switch careers asap. The table turned out fantastic.

Sheryl D.

Where do you buy the Zinc Sheets at? Can you please give us the source?


Great job! This is gorgeous. My husbands been pressuring me to do this to a table we found in street pile, but I was lacking imagination, because the result is amazing! :)

Jenny Joy

That is GORGEOUS... no matter what those kids say!

Maureen O'G

I LOVE that your kids named and mourned your old sofa! They sound like my kind of sentimentalists. When I was about five, my parents announced we would be moving from the only house I had known. I tried to entwine myself in the bannisters so we couldn't leave! :)


This is awesome...where did you order the zinc sheets? I need some!


Wow this is great!

Leah - moxiethrift on etsy

love it!

Mitzi Curi

I love zinc, I think is the most under-appreciated metal! Your table turned out great, what a fantastic idea!


Beautiful! That husband is pretty handy to have around, a real keeper. Your kids are funny! But sofalomew? I'm half asleep and not up on my kid pop culture, a little help please.


If it makes you feel any better - I think the table looks great - and my son didn't speak to us for a couple of days when we had a (very dead) tree cut down. (This was some time ago - he's 19 now, so it would be very weird if it happened just recently.)


Love it!

Laura @ 52 FLEA

It looks awesome. What do kids know?
Happy Easter!


Oh what a great idea...love it!
(You are so lucky that Mr VJIMT is so handy...there's no do-it-yourself-er in my house!)


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