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22 February 2011


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My great aunt had a huge panda with a plastic face - that thing was creepy! I swear it watched you!

BTW the little dog with the red collar and missing a leg is probably a mohair Steiff-they don't always have the ear button. :)


Oh they're GORGEOUS....I don't reckon they're scary at all....SHAME on you for saying so....hahahahaha....You need to get yourself some STOP ITCH....Works on the mozzies....!!

Cheers from Oz,
Tamarah :o)

Jojo's Retro and Vintage

I remember those from when I was a kid- I think there was one that was a girl that had blonde hair and a red body. Yep, I bet they are worth some money. Not sure if the freezer would crack the old rubber/plastic faces?


Yes, creepy for sure. I didn't know they were in demand but it doesn't surprise me! Your husbands finds for you are awesome!


LOL! Loved the post! We have a school connected to the church that I work at, and when they had an "infestation" last year of little "bugs"-they put everything cloth into trash bags, closed them up and threw everything into the walk in freezer and it killed all the cooties off...maybe that would work for you-in smaller quantities... :-)


ok, that lamb is downright scary. the amount of make it has on is just baaaaaad. haha. i love vintage christmas bulbs and walk by a box, i don't.


You are a braver girl than I! Sell them as a lot on ebay to minimize contact. And can I guess that your daughter finds them creepy and repulsive?


Some of those ARE pretty creepy...of course they are worth the most LOL!


I am jealous!! I love your vintage toys! I am always looking for these and I can never find them at estate sales - probably because they have already been purchased by someone else!!


I totally understand. :)
Just had to sneak a load into my house...(this has become much more difficult since CG retired recently!)


I really did just laugh out loud at this! I do find these a bit creepy myself but someone may love them- and it looks as though someone may have loved them...

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