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10 January 2011


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and you collect vintage Christmas Too! BE STILL MY HEART! :)

Happy LEON :)


I just found your blog and this post. I have only one word for it -- Nirvana!


holy canoli! That's the motherload! Where is this place? If you tell me, I may have to meet you there and that will alleviate your need to hide behind the bottle brush trees in fear of the family finding you.

Laura @ 52 FLEA

Such a cute post Gina....hid behind some bottle brush trees...hehehe! Someone had a serious vintage xmas passion! Have fun when you go back! :)


You have got to be freaking kidding me!! I have NEVER seen anything like that! What were their prices like? Talk about swoon-worthy! Wow.


OHMIGOSH, seriously???!!!!??? WOW!!!


Wow, that booth could almost make your head spin! I finally got the chance to blog about the lovely box of gifts I received from you. Thanks again, it was so much fun to get it!!!


Oh my STARS Gina....If ever I make it to your neck of the woods PROMISE you'll take me to this place....Oh be still my WILDLY beating heart.... ** sigh ** ....NIRVANA is appropro I reckon....!!!!!

THANKS for your note re my recent dramas....hahahahaha....I'm fine & I've found a positive....My teeth are really REALLY clean....hahahahahaha....!!

I hope you're having a SENSATIONAL week....!

Cheers from oz,
Tamarah :o)


That place would be WAY to dangerous for me. I saw too much stuff that would be coming home with me. Have fun going back and shopping.


OH my gosh, Gina...I wouldn't have been able to breathe! I knew you'd find your bird there... I have never seen such a collection!




wow... that is vintage Christmas overload! Glad you got your bird!

Amy Boelter

Wow, thats alot of goodies! Love the little red bird you bought. Amy

Mary Kay Russo

I can't believe the magnatude of the Christmas items. They remind me of my childhood, especially the wax santas. I wish I live closer to Lisa, I would be right with you. Thanks for posting these it made my day. Mary Kay Russo, Lisa Battino's mother. Go Steelers

Carrie @ Junque Magnet

Oh my!The sheer joy.I would be hyperventilating...Enjoy!

Into Vintage

Please tell me everything was so outrageously priced that it was only fun to look at. If not, please fill a big box on my behalf next time you're there. :-) I laughed when I read "My hands were shaking." Mine would have been too!


Woooow- vintage pretties galore. I love how neatly everything is categorized! That's dedication.


Oh. my. goodness. Is the merchandise at flea-market prices? Where is it? And how far from upstate New York?


OMG--You must have been hyperventilating!!!! I'm in -where is it?


Oh, I want those vintage Santas and Snowmen. I would have been in vintage overload. Great find!

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