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03 January 2011


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Such memories you arise. I have never been to Philly (or anywhere near) but Mummers are well known here in the midwest. This brought up memories of my father. He loved a good parade and any sort of fun entertainment. Of course I love the colors. Did not know about the museum.


Good thing I've already met Paul, or I'd think y'all were NUTS. That's great what you did for a surprise at the wedding!


I'd never heard of this, Gina...looks like great fun! Thanks for sharing it with us!


I have a BFF from Philly and she never told me about this important cultural event, for shame! :) Fascinating to read about, I would love to visit the museum!

Carrie @ Junque Magnet

Ah, you made my heart sing with these photos. It has been too many years since I saw a Mummer's Strut. It is very difficult to teach your children the importance of the strut when they have never seen a Mummer! For years my mom had a fabulous Mummer's costume in our basement. She had rescued it from the trash. Of course it is a wickedly cold parade to view in person when one does not have the benefit of the Mummer beverage of choice...!Thanks for sharing.

Anthony Canamucio

Terrific blog, Gina!

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