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19 December 2010


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Lisa's Creative Home

I just found your blog and am your newest follower. I loved looking through a few of your posts at all the neat things you find on your yard saling adventures! We have similar tastes!


I received my lovely box of goodies in the mail today! I love it all!! Thank you again so very much!! I hope your daughter is fine now...worrying about little ones can just just about drive you crazy..I know...(I'm wearing my ring now!)


Wow glad all of that is over. The signs are adorable and I thought I was the only one that liked ice skates.

Sandi ~ A Cottage Muse

Hoping your little one is back in tip top shape and can dream of sugarplums! I am sure everything will come together, beautifully!

Leah in FL

Sorry to hear of your flood. Something similar happened to us just before Thanksgiving when we were to have 18 for dinner.

Love your decor and your creative industry. You go girl! The important things will happen. Enjoy your family and your Christmas season! :)


Yowza Gina...all that and you're still getting your cards out? I'm so far behind and have NO excuse. Love the way your porch is decked out!



OH Gina...you have had some stuff going on...hope your daughter is doing okay and the water damage won't take too long to clean up! We had a sewer back up into our lower level at Easter one year...took a LOT of work to repair everything! I'm amazed you have done all you have!


What a week you've had. Glad to hear the little one has recovered from the concussion. Love all the signs you have.


I love the old signs. So sorry about the water. That just adds to the Holiday stress!


Morning Gina....!

HEAVENS you & I have TOO much in common sometimes it seems....We've recently had a bathroom leak ourselves....Alas....Our dramas are ongoing....!

I'm SO GLAD little Sophia is OK after cracking her noggin....That must have given you a FRIGHT....!!

Mr SVJ & I are WAY behind as well however, everything is being put on hold for our 13th Anniversary tomorrow while we go away for a couple of days to relax.... :o) !!!

....hahahahaha....Good on you for getting the tree decorated....I was going to get up EARLIER today & decorate ours before I left for work but it didn't happen which means it will HAVE to be done tonight....!!!

Cheers for now Lovey,
Tamarah :o)


(for making me feel like I'm not quite so behind 8-)... we're just the 'normal' ones!!! Those 'other' people are the 'over-achievers!)

(it WILL get done... it ALWAYS does!... and so what if it doesn't... right?)

Beth Leintz

Wow sounds like you've had quite a week- glad everything is back to normal but busy. If you don't get to that shiny brite wreath right away, I wouldn't worry about it- the boxes of ornaments look great all stacked up.

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