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06 December 2010


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GREAT idea for a foot measuring device! Hmmm I never see those, love yours!


More than I love those glass door knobs, I love your blog! And even though my poor Etsy shop is still a work in progress I have your shop as a favorite.


Loving all that junk! Can I have that kitty? She's so pretty! :) Love your fun junking blog, I shall follow today!


Wow, I've never seen so many glass door knobs before. What an amazing collection! Feel free to join Thrift Share Monday and post your link on my blog.


I love the drying rack. The doorknobs were a great find. Gotta love a good estate sale.


You could just put all of those gorgeous knobs in a bowl and have a gorgeous display. They are lovely.


I would have gasped at that box of doorknobs, too...great find! Love the lazy kitty, too!


Score on the door knobs! I've been using them to make picture holders. Apparently no one else is making them around here and they went like hot cakes at a recent sale. So I need more! The crystal ones are the bestest, too.


Morning Gina....!

How LUCKY have we been to have had such a WONDERFUL display of BLOGGY LOVE.... :o) !!

I've had a BLAST partyin' with some of the SWEETEST bloggers in the blogisphere this past week....I wish we could celebrate milestones EVERY WEEK....hahahahahaha....!!

How ENVIOUS am I of your glass knobs....I'm green green G-R-E-E-N my Friend....hahahahaha....The foot measuring doodad is WAY COOL too & I LOVE how you've utilised it....!

Well I gotta get back to my spreadsheet....hahahahahaSNORT....!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)


I love those glass door knobs.

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