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25 December 2010


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I found the photo of the tree really magical. It caught the beauty of Christmas perfectly. So sorry about the bird loss. Each year when I decorate I worry about loss. Our worse loss was a few years ago when the tree fell over. Sigh. All your photos are just lovely.


how funny...breakfast of champions and christmas mayhem!! i get it. i go thru that too with my kids....LOTS of candy at 6am. scary, but whatcha gonna do? enjoy it!!
take care and merry christmas


Your tree was so pretty, Gina...and I love the card! Hope you find another bird!

Amy Boelter

Love the tulle idea! Amy

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

That card really made me smile! And I hope I remember to steal your idea of decorating packages with tulle next year, because it looks fantastic!
Merry Christmas!

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